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Academic FAQs | Vivid Print

Did you get my file?
If the upload confirmation page appeared from the website, after you pressed the magic upload button, then we got your file. Make sure you carefully filled out the information. You will also receive an email confirmation.

How long should I allow for academic posters?
Academic posters generally are a weekday. Allow more time for each added feature such as laminating, mounting, estimating and delivery.

Is my poster ready?
We will email as soon as soon as your poster is ready for pickup. For delivery you will receive an email when the poster is ready to indicate when to expect delivery.

What is a Speedcode?
Speedcode is a internal billing system for the U of A. We can take Speedcode like a PO (Purchase Order). You are then required to submit this to your department as soon as you receive the emailed Invoice.

Are you open on the weekend?
We are open Saturdays 10-5pm + Sundays noonish-5pm. We do not do any printing on the weekend. You can certainly pickup a poster that's ready, however!

What paper do you have for academic prints?
We have a bond and a satin paper available just for academic projects. Both print very well, with the satin a little fancier + recommended if you have images in the piece. Our papers come in rolls and therefore pieces will have a curl when printed.

Do you offer a fabric for posters?
We do have an Academic Fabric that travels well. Fabric will fold into a suitcase/bag and will need some smoothing at the other end. It takes a little longer than the papers in production time.
What sizes do you print posters?
All our prints are custom, so we print any size starting at 12" square. Typical research poster sizes are 24 x 36" and 36 x 48".

Can you print handouts?

What resolution do you print at?
At 100% size, your image + chart files should be at least 180dpi.

What does print-ready mean?
Print-ready means your file is at the correct size and resolution of the intended output. When you have more than one image, they are layed out together in one file. Otherwise, we can set up the file(s) for you. Academic projects are required to be print-ready.

How do I provide my file?
Upload your file to the Academic Upload in the Academic section of our website. Ideal is to save your final version as a PDF (print-ready) and submit that.

If you have questions you couldn’t find answers to on our site, just send us a quick email. We always appreciate feedback on our site as we continue to update our information.