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Installation Services

Personalize Your Space.

Vivid Print offers installation services for our artwork in retail and commercial environments.

Proper and level hanging of framed artwork and mirrors should be an essential part of any corporate office or retail space. Artwork should complement a workspace rather than distracting from it by being improperly installed. If there are multiple artworks, spacing and placement become key. Proportionate spacing, grouping, level height and placement of fine art and mirrors will enhance the aesthetics of a surrounding area rather than end up detracting from it.

If you have a shop, office, or public space and are understandably concerned about protecting valuable or irreplaceable artworks, our installation professionals have experience installing security hardware which will protect your artwork from being stolen by securely locking the artwork directly to the wall.

Call us at 780.42.VIVID or email us for quotes or any general questions you may have about the various services we offer. We always work with your needs and aim to give you the best possible advice and service.