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Frequently asked questions

1. CLUB FRED REWARDS - coming soon
2.1 What do you print on?

Our printing paper options include Satin or Matte Photopaper, Somerset Fine-art Paper and Canvas. Please note that our materials are on rolls, there will be a slight curl to the finished product.

2.2 What sizes do you print at?

We offer enlargement printing services, sometimes referred to as wide-format printing. Our Price Guide includes standard sizes that we frequently print, but we can also accomodate custom sizes. Our print pricing starts at 12x12 inches. 

2.3 What resolution do you print at?

To ensure high-quality printing, your file should have a minimum resolution of 180dpi when viewed at 100% size. However, when printing on canvas, a resolution of 150dpi is also acceptable.

2.4 How do I provide a file or image?

To upload your files, please visit the Print Upload page. For research posters, please go to the Academic Poster product page . For sewists, please visit the Sewing Pattern product page. You may provide files on a USB drive.

2.5 How long should I allow for prints?

Our typical turnaround for most projects is one to five business days, but larger projects may take up to two weeks. For stretched canvases, please allow about two weeks. The exact time- frame depends on various factors such as the complexity and size of your project, quoting, test strips, additional finishing like mounting, and our current workload. To obtain an estimate and ensure that we meet your project deadlines, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us. We'll do our utmost to accommodate your needs.

2.6 Can you print my wedding invitations/business cards/brochures?

As a wide-format printer, we specialize in producing larger prints in smaller quantities. Therefore, we do not offer printing services for sizes smaller than 12 inches. See our Pricing Guide for our standard sizes for prints.

2.7 Can you print on metal or using white inks?

We don't print with spot colours or on metal. Please note that any white areas in your artwork will appear as paper white, as we do not use white inks in our printing process.

3.1 Did you get my file?

Our academic posters are now available as a product in our online shop, and are ordered in specific sizes. Once you place your order, you will receive an email confirmation.

3.2 How long should I allow for academic posters?

Academic posters generally take one or two weekdays. As soon as your poster is ready for pickup, we will send you an email notification. Delivery will add a day.

3.3 Is my poster ready?

Once your poster is ready for pickup, we will send you an email notification. In the case of delivery, you will receive an email alerting you when the poster is ready and providing an estimated delivery date.

3.4 Are you open on the weekend?

Please note that we are open, but generally do not provide printing services over the weekend. Nevertheless, if you have a poster that is already invoiced, then you are more than welcome to pick it up.

3.5 What is a Speedcode?

Speedcode is an internal billing system for the U of A. We can take Speedcode like a P.O. (Purchase Order). Once you receive the emailed invoice, you are required to submit it to your department as soon as possible.

3.6 What paper do you have for academic prints?

Choose between our Academic Satin (235gsm) which offers photo-quality images and vivid colours, and our Academic Matte Bond (180gsm), which has a flat finish that perfect for in-house presentations.

3.7 Do you offer a fabric for posters?

We currently do not offer fabric as a printing option.

3.8 Can you print handouts?


3.9 What resolution do you print at?

At 100% size, your images and chart files should be at least 180dpi. Print-ready PDF files are best.

Academic projects must be print-ready, meaning that your file is at the requested finished size, and all fonts and images are embedded. Providing a high-resolution PDF is ideal.

3.11 How do I provide my file?

Upload your file to the Academic Product page in the Academic section of our website. Ideal is to provide your final version as a print-ready PDF.

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