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  • What do you print on?

    We print on a heavyweight matte paper; matte or satin premium photopaper; a range of fine-art papers; canvas, and some specialty papers. Most of our material comes in rolls and therefore pieces will have a slight curl when printed.

  • What sizes do you print at?

    We have some standard sizes we print most pieces at, which are listed on our current price guide. We certainly print custom sizes starting from 12 inches wide.

  • What resolution do you print at?

    At 100% size, your file should be at least 180dpi. Canvas is a bit forgiving where 130/150dpi is acceptable.

  • What does print-ready mean for academic prints?

    Print-ready means your file is at the correct size and resolution of the intended output. When you have more than one image, they are layed out together in one file. Otherwise, we can set up the file(s) for you. Academic projects are required to be print-ready.

  • How do I provide a file or image?

    Upload your digital images to our site; or bring in images on a memory key(USB flashdrive), memory card, or disk.

  • How do I upload an image?

    Go to the File Upload page, click on Choose File, fill in the form (check it over once more), and click Upload File. Remember to wait for the confirmation page to appear.

  • How long should I allow for prints?

    Typically, it’s between 1 and 5 business days, and large jobs can take up to three weeks. Canvases stretched take about 8-10 business days. It really depends on the complexity and volume of your job, added time for finishing such as laminating, mounting, proofing and estimating, and the other jobs in our queue at the time. Contact us for an estimate and we’ll do our very best to accommodate your project deadlines.

  • Can you print my wedding invitations/business cards/brochures?

    We are a wide-format printer only, which means larger prints and smaller runs. So, no. We print at sizes from 12 inches. See our pricing page for our standard sizes for prints.

  • Can you print on metal or using white inks?

    No. Our printers use twelve inks: blue, light cyan, magenta, light magenta, yellow, red, green, grey, light grey, matte black, photo black and gloss enhancer. Any white values in your artwork will be paper white – not via the use of white inks.