Covid-19 Update

Many of you have asked if we will be opening on the 14th of May. While we’re excited to see all of you back in our shop once again, we feel that this date is too soon to be able to ensure the safety of our community and coworkers. We’ve been fortunate to be in this position due to the to support you have extended to us via our online shop, taking advantage of our free local delivery and curbside pickup, and our FaceTime framing service.
Thanks to you, our suppliers, and our amazing landlord, we will be able to reopen when we feel the time is right. Please be kind to our neighbours who may not be fortunate enough to be in a similar position.
Like everyone, we’ve been reinventing our business and flying by the seats of our collective pants. We appreciate the kind words of encouragement and understanding you have extended to us.
Much love,
Rhea + Fred + Bee + Markie
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